Sid Roth together with Jason Westerfield

Published: 07th December 2009
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SID : hi Sid Roth here with Jason Westerfield. Jason you lately were called by God to go to the Philippines, are you aware why you were going there, did you have speaking assignments,
why did you go to the Philippines?
JASON : I was originally going to the Philippines to work with over 500 priests as part of a team that I was going with. me next to a gentleman on the airplane that has the biggest American company that employs jobs to the Philippine citizens over there, so God began to give us discernment in his life, what was going on personally, but also discernment to what was happening in his firms management.
SID : When you look in the Spirit you have understanding of folk's lives, is that what you are saying?
So it feels a lot more like consultation is occurring and I will do that whether I'm at firms, whether people or government, whether I am at churches, or whether folks in film, actually dealing with people and seeing their improvement occur. And so when we went to the Philippines we not only saw this man's life start to get touched, but the Lord said I am going to open up the doors to the nation's state to you, and I am over there less than twelve hours, one thing leads to another, the next thing that occurs is I'm at this restaurant with this woman who owns the cafe and she's serving the table that we are with and two ladies come ad sit down, one of which I saw in prayer earlier that morning and I told her, I said I saw you this morning. And so I started to let her know what the Lord had shown me, I relayed to her a lot of facts and details about her life to give credibility, and that there would be an understanding with her that God knew who she was and I started to let her know the things that God wanted to have take place in her life and the way to bring her into these things. She completely got touched, never had anything like that happen, we are inside a nice restaurant in a well to do place and then I asked her, I said did you know some folks in government?
SID : Why did you want to grasp people in government?
JASON : I felt from the Lord I was to ask them right there because God had given me a full one-page word about a word of the Lord for that nation of the Philippines, a state of the union, where it was at now, where God wished to bring it and what they wanted to do to get in that place to spin things around. And the very next thing I know I'm really not even in the country 12 hours, I'm given a phone to this gentleman and I begin to read off the word of the Lord to him, he gets totally touched by God over the telephone and claims that's everything I've been attempting to tell these folks, that's precisely what we need to be doing as a nation. And not only was that pretty electrifying, what God did and who fast that God can open doors, the next thing that occurred is a table of about 10 people came Sid, and sat down right across from us, everyone at our table sort of perked up and I claimed what's going on? And they announced do you know who that is and I claimed no.

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Sid Roth's need is for all folk to know Jesus. He has discovered that platforming God's miracles is the best method available for reaching Jewish people with the gospel. It's Supernatural! Deals with subjects that most back away from in this seeker-sensitive age. It stresses the supernatural perspective that the secular networks don't understand. And at the end of each program, Sid tells the spectators how they can have intimacy with the Lord God.
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